Monterey Gallery Updates

Just a note to say that I’ve added quite a few pictures to the Monterey Galleries for your viewing pleasure.

Indonesia 2018

I'm back from Indonesia having traveled to East Flores and Alor on the Pindito. This was a Backscatter trip and I highly recommend traveling with Berkley, Erin and company. Our trip featured lots of amazingly beautiful reefs and a healthy dose of muck diving. Full gallery here: Indonesia 2018

Mandingo the Sex-Crazed Psychotic Dugong.

Mandingo the Sex-Crazed Psychotic Dugong.

Grunt Sculpin Hunt

Diving today with Allison and Rob Lee and Gary Banta at Kawika's. We were on a mission to find the grunt sculpin Allison and Rob had found there 2 weeks ago. No such luck and as a result of that focus not many pictures either. I did find this rather dirty looking Aegires. Rob and I also splashed on the Mating Amtracks afterwards to check a nearby sonar mark to see if it was another Track. It was a rock. Sadly the Amtracks are really looking worse for wear these days. It won't be long before not much is left of them.

Aegires albopunctatus

Aegires albopunctatus 3.0

So sadly it turns out I am not cut out to be a Wordpress administrator. After getting vandalized yet again by some imbecilic script kiddies I've decided it's time to have the site hosted by somebody else. That turns out to be Squarespace. For now this means the original is no longer on the internet until I can figure out some way to re-direct the old URLs to a different host. Sorry about that.

Meantime "pardon our dust" as they say. Photos are mostly up but there is still a lot of cleanup to do, especially captions and keywords.