Welcome to the Metridium Fields. This site is home to the Underwater Photography of Clinton Bauder (That would be me, pictured here in my natural environment on the Big Sur Coast of California).

Scuba diving has taken me all across the globe, from Alaska to the South Atlantic and from California to the Tropical Pacific. No waters are too cold for diving so long as it isn't frozen solid and often the colder locations are at least as interesting and far less crowded than the more well known tropical spots. I'm fortunate to have Monterey just a short drive from my house and I find it to be an endlessly challenging and rewarding place to dive.

The primary purpose of this site is to show people what lies beneath the surface. Mostly these are beautiful things but there are uncomfortable truths as well. It's very easy to throw things into the ocean and forget them once they're out of sight. Things we would never tolerate on land where we have to look at them are common underwater.

That said, it's a privilege to be able to visit these natural environments that very few humans ever see. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I have enjoyed making them.

Unless otherwise noted all images on this site are Copyright 2005-18 Clinton Bauder.